🧭 Mission

To empower one another to heal through co-creating psychedelic community

🔭 Vision

The Flying Sage envisions a world where psychedelic healing is readily accessible to everyone

⚖️ Values


Take the time to develop robust models and approaches to solving difficult problems.


During our journeys we listen. During our calls we listen. We always listen. We listen to what the community wants and then we take action to deliver it.

Fostering Reverence

We continue to foster deep respect for the medicines that we work with by challenging ourselves to continue healing with this powerful modality. We keep their power front of mind and do not lose sight of their potential as transformational medicines

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Everyone is welcome here.


We serve a cause greater than ourselves and we are in service to those individuals and communities we are connected to


The pie is infinite.


We embrace ancient wisdom and understand that there is a common truth that underpins existence. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We lean into the wisdom that has existed among our species for millennia and which exists within each of us.


The future is synergy. We seek to cooperate whenever we can. A rising tide should raise all psychedelic ships.


We prioritize experience with the medicine and familiarity with the psychedelic landscape.